• “We used IQ Room abstract reasoning tests, and could asset 820 candidates in 24 hours.” A. Di Fabio, Florence, Italy
  • “I discover this gem, and can't work without it anymore.” J. Stevenson Portland, Oregon, USA
  • “It’s official – we reduces our screening process time by 70%.” Z. el Zaoui, Casablanca, Maroc

Accurate Assessment

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Our tests have been taken 1,6 millions times. More than enough to have a reference point.

Identifying high potential becomes fast and easy

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IQ Room focused on high level profiles and people with higher than average cognitive abilities.

Adaptative test technology

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We are using the last adaptative algorithm available on the market to analyse your candidates profiles.

IQ Room Ranking

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Our tests can be used as an admission test, like GMAT or TAGE/MAGE.

Software as a Service application, in the cloud

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Our service is available from any browser, without installation. You pay what you use, not more. Check it at Psychometra.com

Modulable tests

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For certain jobs levels, you don't need to use the full set of batteries. Choose only the tests you want.

IQ Room
If you don't use your brain, who will?