What we do

We participate in or organise workshops and conferences that assists early adopters to grasp the Blockchain technology concepts. We are involve in both open permissionless projects and private blockchain implementations.

What we propose

Participate in discussions with blockchain experts, industry leaders, government regulators, lawyers, and other professionals. Gain a better perspective on forces driving the rapidly increasing adoption of blockchain solutions and uses of cryptocurrencies and learn what can and is being done to address the challenges facing both.

Blockchain based projects

We are proud to present some of our projects that are promoting decentralisation and are based on different technologies, including blockchains, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) or private distributed databases.

Would you like to evaluate if blockchain solutions are what you are searching for?

Cause if you do, the best you can do is to contact us straight away. We will together see which consulting services might fit your needs. We will help you render your processes fraud proof and censorship resistant